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Drugs, alcohol and gambling addiction treatment

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Unique advantages of treatment in “Liberon” medical center

    • Preserve the patient’s health

      The method widely used at other addiction clinics for withdrawal syndrome reduction is UROD (ultra-rapid opium detoxification), just like the usage of any opium receptors antagonists (naltrexone), leads to the development of striking “clucking” process. In order to carry over this sore condition, he is injected with potent sedative medication (calming), which turn off the mind, casting him into the so-called “medication sleep”. Therefore, the patient goes through the “clucking”, but his does not remember it. In addition, the time duration of the “clucking” reduces, and, consequently, the stress-inducing strike on the body increases, which will inevitably affect the somatic sector, in the nature of acute exacerbation of chronic diseases or the acquisition of new ones. The treatment regimen at “Liberon” medical center excludes the utilization of opium antagonists or any potent sedative medication, it happens without turning off the patient’s mind. The main mechanism of action in this method – regenerate the disrupted neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, glutamate, noradrenaline etc.) and neuropeptides (endorphins, enkephalines etc.) balance resulted by the addicition – provides a gentle influence on the patient without a stress-inducing strike on him.

    • Preserve the patient’s time

      Methodone addiction treatment within 6 days * - sounds like a fairytale for the addicted people or the specialists. But, this is exactly the time required to treat methadone addiction with the help of the unique method employed in “Liberon” medical center. No more need to stay in a drug rehab for weeks and months – better spend this time with your significant others and get your act together.

    • Preserve the confidence in a favorable treatment result

      The possibility to implement a supporting therapy at specified time intervals, to preserve a prolonged psycho-emotional desire lockout period.

* With the compulsory posterior rehabilitation and resocialization of the patient.

What to do if the addicted person does not want to get rid of his addiction?

What to do if the addicted person does not want to quit his addiction? Even if the will to “knock the habit” is absent, the treatment method in “Liberon” medical center reloads the patient’s mind, readjusts the main neurotransmitters’ metabolism, and eliminates the physical addiction. Therefore, a favorable result can be achieved even if the addicted person does not have the will to get rid of his addiction (upon the condition of recommendations compliance after dismissal).

Remember, drugs and alcohol ruin the health of your significant other from day to day and dock his life. In case the addicted person completes a treatment course as a favor to his relatives, but after that reverts to taking drugs (alcohol), the treatment course undergone in “Liberon” medical center will reduce the dose of the substance taken to alleviate the withdrawal syndrome and achieve gratification (“tolerance knocking” effect).

In that way, even if the ruins the physical dependence and reduces the dose of the substance, taken to achieve the pleasure (“reduce the tolerance”). In that way, even if the addicted person does not want to quit his habit at all, but he is ready to attend the therapy regimen – this may be a reasonable step to be taken, as it will save the patient’s health and reduce the dose taken.

Attention! Taking the treatment course without the patient’s consent is impossible!

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“Liberon” medical center

In “Liberon” medical center, we use a unique drugs, alcohol and gambling addiction healing method, that has no counterparts. The method involves the use of neuroleptics, analgesics and multicomponent medications of vegetable origin. The original technique is conducted on the ground of infusional and hepatoprotective therapy, it is also accompanied with somatic disorders adjustment and individual behavioral therapy sessions from the first day of center stay.
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